Report a By-law Infraction

Report a By-law Infraction

The Township of Seguin's By-law Enforcement team may be able to assist in resolving your concerns. To find out if the Township's By-laws are applicable to your situation, you may contact By-law Services.

If your concern requires immediate attention during office hours, please call the municipal office at 705-732-4300. Otherwise, you may click on the "Report a By-law Infraction" button below to process your complaint.

After operating hours, you may call 705-751-0050 to speak with our afterhours messaging service who will contact a staff member if necessary. All complaints are kept confidential.

*Please note, online complaints are only reviewed during office hours.

Report a By-Law Infraction 

Anonymous Complaints

For By-law Services to take any action relating to a citizen complaint, the complainant must first provide their name, address and telephone number along with a description of the by-law infraction; anonymous complaints are not accepted.

Alternate Methods to File a Complaint

If you see someone violating a by-law, there are a number of options for making a complaint:

  • Click on the "Report a By-law Infraction" Form above.
  • Written complaint or completed complaint form submitted by Mail, Email, Fax or Hand Delivered to the Township of Seguin office.
    • Mailing Address: 5 Humphrey Drive, Seguin, ON P2A 2W8
    • Fax: (705) 732-6347
  • Call (705) 732-4300 – Staff are available during office hours (Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.) and the call taker will record the complaint details and process it for a By-law Enforcement Officer to action.
Afterhours Concerns
  • Call (705) 751-0050 – Answering Service is available outside of office hours. The call taker will record the complaint and forward it to the next available By-law Enforcement Officer.
Once a Complaint Has Been Received

A By-law Enforcement Officer may contact the complainant via phone or e-mail to:

  • Obtain more information related to the investigation.
  • Notify the complainant regarding the conclusion of their investigation.

A By-law Enforcement Officer cannot stop people from contravening by-laws; An Officer can only enforce the by-laws. Compliance with by-laws may be achieved in the following manner:

  • Giving verbal or written warnings and providing copies of the appropriate by-laws;
  • Issuing a Part I or Part II ticket in accordance with the Provincial Offences Act (short form wording and set fines);
  • Summonsing a defendant to court, usually initiated for a second, third or more serious offense where a larger fine or a Court Order is appropriate.
Regulatory By-laws

By-laws are established as a means of dealing with local problems and addressing the interests and concerns of the community. They are implemented to safeguard the environment, promote public health and safety, and preserve an organized and aesthetically pleasing community.

View our Frequently Requested By-laws page for further information on the Township's By-laws. 

Concerns About Building & Development

If you have questions or concerns related to approved or proposed development projects, please contact the Building and/or Planning Department. 

If you have concerns about active construction, please contact the Building Department. 

The Seguin West Parry Sound Geography Network (WPSGN) has an interactive mapping tool that provides a great deal of helpful information in Seguin Township. This convenient self-use tool is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Traffic or Criminal Complaints

To report any traffic or criminal complaints such as speeding, impaired driving, public nuisance, property damage, or vandalism, please contact the Ontario Provincial Police, West Parry Sound Detachment. 

Contact the OPP West Parry Sound Detachment

1 North Road

Parry Sound, Ontario

P2A 0C1



Non-Emergency Calls:

For complaints or calls for service, call 24-hours a day toll free:

  • 1-888-310-1122
  • 1-888-310-1133 (TTY)

 In the case of an emergency, dial 9-1-1. 

Call the Ontario Provincial Police (O.P.P.) for complaints related to an emergency, public nuisance, firearm noise, property damage, vandalism, theft, public consumption of alcohol, traffic and criminal activities. 

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