Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Will my information be kept confidential when I make a complaint?

Personal information collected by the Township is protected under the authority of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. M-26.

The Township will keep your personal information confidential in accordance with the Act. However, in certain circumstances and as provided under the Act, your personal information may be disclosed. In such situations, you will be provided with notice to make representations as it relates to disclosure of your information.

Civil matters? 

The Township of Seguin does not deal with civil matters. A civil matter is a dispute between two parties about an issue that is not governed by Township by-laws or other legislation. These matters are dealt with by means of Civil Court such as disputes over property lines.

Municipal By-law Enforcement FAQs 

My family enjoys fireworks. What rules are in place to use them?

In an effort to protect the environment, no person shall ignite fireworks during a period of High or Extreme Fire Hazard, or during a Fire Ban. In addition, flying lanterns are strictly prohibited.

  • Consumer fireworks can only be set off on specific days:

    • Victoria Day and the Saturday and Sunday of that same holiday weekend
    • Canada Day, and:
      • If Canada Day falls on a Monday or Tuesday, the preceding Saturday and Sunday
      • If Canada Day falls on a Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, the following Friday and Saturday
    • New Year's Eve/Day, following the time limits listed below.
  • Consumer fireworks can only be set off, on the days mentioned above, between dusk and 11:00 p.m., except for New Year's Eve/Day when fireworks are allowed until 12:30 a.m. on New Year's Day.

To inquire about Commercial Display Fireworks permits, please contact the Township of Seguin's Fire Department. 

  • Please note, the setting off of Commercial Display Fireworks without an authorized permit issued by the Fire Chief is prohibited. 

Please ensure fireworks are not set off when:

  • the surface wind exceeds 40 km/h;
  • within 300 metres of any place where explosives, gasoline or other highly flammable substances are;
  • on a roadway; or
  • inside of or closer than 8 metres to any building, tent, trailer, camp, shelter or motor vehicle.

Fireworks are not permitted to be set off on Township of Seguin property without authorization.

Do I need a permit for a fire? 

It depends on the type of fire that is desired. Fires are classified into three categories:

  1. Daytime Outdoor Fire
  2. Evening Outdoor Fire
  3. Campfire

To understand which fire requires a permit or about regulations governing open air burning and fires, please access the Fire Services webpage here.

Permit Applications must be submitted to the Chief Fire Official. A Fire Permit Application can be found through the webpage linked above or here.   

What materials am I allowed to burn in a fire? 

A fire is only permitted to have dry wood, discarded wood by-products, brush, leaves and grass in it.

Do NOT burn other items such as

  • kitchen waste
  • general garbage
  • construction materials (excluding dry wood or discarded wood by-products), or
  • materials made of or containing rubber, plastic, petroleum, synthetics, or tar.

A fire may only be lit in a contained area if conditions will allow the fire to burn safely from start to extinguishment. Please note, every fire shall not be left unattended.

There are loud boats on the lake/river early in the morning, who do I call to file a noise complaint?

Boats and vessels on the water are not regulated by the Township's noise by-law. Boats and vessels on the water are regulated under the federal jurisdiction of Transport Canada and enforced by the Ontario Provincial Police. Please call the OPP Non-Emergency Line at 1-888-310-1122.

I am planning a gathering at my cottage, what time does the Noise By-law require the noise to stop?

Generally, the Township’s Noise By-law requires all noise to cease at 11:00 p.m. Noise must not trespass from your property to another.

Please note that excessive noise including but not limited to the use of speakers and other amplification devices or the persistent barking made by a domestic animal is not permitted at any time.  

A property owner has cut trees within 20 metres of the shoreline, what can be done? 

The Township has a Tree Conservation By-law that regulates the cutting of trees within 20 metres of the shoreline. A complaint should be filed with By-law Services for investigation.

A property owner has done landscaping and site alterations on their property within 60 metres of the shoreline, what can be done?

The Township has a Site Alteration By-law that regulates land within 60 metres of the shoreline. A complaint should be filed with By-law Services for investigation.

Can I purchase a permit to use the road for delivery of construction material(s)?

Unfortunately, not. This is because obstructing the roadway creates safety and liability risks. The Township of Seguin does not offer permits or permission for this purpose.

Please contact the Public Works Department for further information.

What if I don’t have enough space on my private property to hold all the material(s) needed to complete my construction project?

Private properties cannot use Township roadways for construction projects for safety and liability reasons.

If my construction material(s) are left on the roadway, can the Township remove them?

Yes, material(s) left on the roadway may be removed by the Township at any time to ensure road safety and or restore traffic flow.

I am concerned about my neighbors de-icing bubbler around their boat house. What can be done? 

The Township of Seguin does not have jurisdiction to regulate the operation of a de-icing bubbler. 

While there are no specific laws that prohibit the operation of a bubbler, it's important to note that if a fatality or injury is sustained as a result of bubbler usage, there could be criminal and civil repercussions.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Ontario Provincial Police. 

I had posted a sign close to my property and it was removed. Why?

Signs that do not have an approved permit or are in contravention with a municipal by-law may be removed by By-law Enforcement Officers.

My neighbor sold their house a long time ago. The real estate directional signs are still present. What can be done?

A real estate directional sign can be posted for no more than 10 days. Notify By-law Services and an Officer can attend to investigate.

I have garbage and waste from outside of the Township. Am I allowed to dispose of it at a Seguin Township waste station? 

It is prohibited for any individual to dispose of waste brought in from outside the Township of Seguin at any waste disposal site established by the Township of Seguin.

Allowing waste from outside the municipality can increase the operational and maintenance expenses of the waste disposal facility, which may ultimately lead to higher fees within the municipality.

For more information, please visit the Township’s Waste & Recycling Page.  

Which Township waste management sites accept household waste and recyclables vs. bulk items, clean construction material, brush, and scrap metal? 

Waste Drop Off Sites accept household waste and recyclables only.

All bulky items, clean construction material, and brush must be deposited at the Landfill Site located on Star Lake Road in Orrville and are subject to tipping fees.

To find out where these sites are located, please visit the Township’s Waste & Recycling Page.  

What are the rules or guidelines for the placement of a rural mailbox?

The proper placement and maintenance of rural mailboxes ensures continued safe delivery of mail by Canada Post. Please consult with your local post office to ensure that all mailbox specifications and road safety criteria are met before installing a rural box.

Your Local Postal Official can answer any questions you have about rural mail delivery. Please review the rules about rural mailbox's below: 

Rural Mailbox Guidelines

Animal Control FAQs

I own a dog that is over the age of three months. Does my dog have to be licenced? 

Yes. All dogs that reside within Seguin Township must be licenced. 

Please come into the municipal office to purchase a dog licence. Staff will provide you with a dog tag, which must be affixed to your dog's collar at all times. 

The licence taken out is valid for the lifetime of the dog for which it was purchased.

How many dogs can I own at my property? 

No owner or owners living at the same address shall keep more than three (3) dogs in any one household, over the age of three (3) months.

Does my dog have to be leashed off of my property? 

Yes. Dogs must be leashed when they are off of their private property. 

Leashing dogs is important for safety, respect for others, and legal compliance. 

When dogs are leashed, it helps ensure their safety and the safety of others. Leashing your dog is also a way to show respect for others and their personal space. Remember, not everyone feels comfortable around dogs. Lastly, it is a legal requirement to leash your dog when in public spaces. Failing to do so can result in fines. 

My neighbors dog barks constantly, what can I do?

A complaint can be filed with By-law Services and an officer will attend to caution the dog owner. If the barking continues, the Complainant may be asked to keep a noise log, provide a witness statement and attend court as a witness.

Parking Enforcement FAQs

I was dropping off a lunch when I received a ticket for parking in a Fire Route.

It is prohibited to leave a vehicle in a Fire Route. Obstructing a Fire Route at any time, whether occupied or not, can delay a response time if Emergency Crews need to attend.

Can someone provide me with a letter allowing me to park in the Fire Route?

The Fire Route is governed by the Ontario Fire Marshal. Private landowners do not have the authority to grant permission to park in the Fire Route and leave the vehicle unattended.

There wasn’t any snow to be removed from the roadway, why did I get a ticket?

Winter maintenance includes, and is not limited to snow removal, salting and maintenance. The Township exercises a winter parking ban on all public highways between November 1st and April 15th of the following year. Any vehicle parked on a public highway during this time is subject to tagging and/or towing. 

My vehicle was towed. Why? 

Your vehicle may have been towed under the following circumstances:

  • For interfering with winter maintenance;
  • For interfering with the movement of traffic;
  • Due to an excessive number of tickets issued to this vehicle;
  • The vehicle is un-plated or abandoned;
  • The vehicle was parked in a tow-away zone;
  • For blocking a driveway;
  • For interfering with street closures; or
  • The vehicle poses an immediate safety risk in its current location.

Someone parked their vehicle on my private property. What do I do? 

On private property/driveway, it is the owner’s responsibility to contact a tow company for towing the vehicle. Certain tow companies may not charge the complainant for the tow. However, it is incumbent for the complainant to ascertain this.

An adjacent property owner has blocked access to my cottage on a private right of way, who should I contact?

The Township of Seguin does not have jurisdiction over private property right of ways or access rights, you should contact a legal professional for advice.

How to Propose a Change to the Current Parking Regulations?

On-street parking regulations help ensure the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists. “No Parking” and “No Stopping” zones on Township streets provide visibility of pedestrians and other vehicles, emergency vehicle access and sufficient road width for safe vehicle passage.

A request can be lodged with the Township of Seguin and a parking study may be conducted on the recommended street. The street and traffic statistics will be examined to determine if the current parking regulations should be changed. If a safety concern is identified because of vehicles parked on the street, parking restrictions will be implemented. Questionnaires may be sent out to residents of the street asking for their comments on the issue. The study may take several weeks to complete.

A new sign may be justified if:

  • Parking on the street is frequent
  • The location is close to an intersection or in the bend of a road
  • Location is beside a school or park

Property Standards Enforcement FAQs

Do I need a permit to build a deck?

A permit might be necessary depending on the specifications of the deck. If the deck is detached from the house, less than 0.6 metres (2') above grade, and under 108 square feet, no permit is necessary.

However, if the deck exceeds these criteria, a Building Permit is required. It is important to note that if any of the aforementioned conditions apply, a permit is needed.

For further information, please contact the Building Department.

Do I need a permit to install a patio? 

A permit may be required. For patios, porches and other landscaping, a Fill or Blasting Permit may be required if material is deposited on the existing lands and/or the grade of the property is altered and/or if it falls within a shoreline.

Please contact the Planning Department for further information. 

I have a disagreement with my landlord/tenant, what should I do?

If the issue cannot be resolved by the parties involved, the parties should contact the Landlord & Tenant Board (LTB). The LTB resolves disputes between landlords and tenants, and provides information pertaining to their rights and responsibilities under the Residential Tenancies Act.​

You may access the LTB’s website here.  

Zoning Enforcement FAQs

What is an accessory building or structure? 

On a residential property, accessory buildings and structures are anything that is constructed in the yard and unattached to the home. Accessory buildings and structures may include: detached garages, sheds, gazebos, playgrounds and dog houses.

My neighbor recently built an accessory building on their property. What rules and regulations are in place for accessory buildings and structures?

The number, location, and dimensions of accessory structures in the Township are governed by the Building Code and Zoning By-law. Certain accessory structures are subject to a specific set of requirements and require a permit. Additionally, the regulations may vary depending on the type of lot. These rules are in place to maintain community standards.

To confirm if a building permit is necessary, please contact the Building Department.

For rules pertaining to accessory buildings and structures on your specific property, please reach out to the Planning Department.

Can I operate a home occupation from my residential property?

The Zoning By-law exists to ensure that home occupations do not compromise the quality or safety of the Township's residential neighborhoods. To learn about the permitted and restricted home occupations, please contact the Planning Department.

If a home occupation is allowed, it can only be operated by the dwelling's occupants with the addition of one non-resident assistant. The business must be secondary to the residence's primary use, and the physical characteristics of the property must be maintained as a residence.

Furthermore, any materials, goods, or vehicles associated with the business must not be stored outside.

Am I allowed to have my trailer on my vacant property?

The Township's Zoning By-law prohibits the storage of trailers on vacant properties, unless the property has a specific zoning exemption that permits trailers as a use.

However, if a Building Permit has been issued by the Township for constructing a dwelling on the property, the residents may temporarily occupy a travel trailer for a maximum of eighteen months during the construction period.

What is a Minor Variance?

A minor variance is an exception to a regulation in the Zoning By-law that is provided to a property owner. ​
How do I apply for a Minor Variance?

A minor variance application is filed with the Secretary-Treasurer at the Committee of Adjustment. Any person wishing to apply to the Committee of Adjustment must obtain and complete the appropriate application form. 

Please note, the minor variance application and fee must be received at least 30 days before the date of the hearing to provide sufficient time for review and processing.

The Committee of Adjustment may grant a variance, if in the opinion of the Committee, the request is minor in nature, is desirable for the appropriate development or use of the land, building or structure and if in the opinion of the Committee, the general intent and purpose of the Zoning By-law and the Official Plan are maintained.

Please contact the Planning Department for further information. 

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