Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan: 2026 & Beyond

Cornerstones of the Plan

Vision: A bold, prosperous, and collaborative community with an unwavering commitment to prioritizing the environment while providing an exceptional quality of life for all who live here.

Mission: We use a collaborative approach to deliver efficient, high-quality services informed by our corporate values and expertise to enhance day-to-day life for everyone in our community.


Trust: We are committed to building and maintaining community trust in all that we do – delivering services, maintaining Township assets, protecting the natural environment, and supporting a high quality-of-life.

Balance: We are committed to maintaining financial transparency and investing responsibly.

Collaboration: We recognize that our organization, businesses, and region thrive when people from diverse backgrounds, with broad experiences, come together to create solutions that help everyone live, work, and play better.

Innovation: We are committed to forward-thinking processes, services, and solutions that bridge human talent and cutting-edge technology to achieve excellence today and into the future.

Inclusion: We encourage and value all voices in our community, from diverse backgrounds and identities, whether they have been here for days or decades, live here seasonally or all year.

Strategic Priorities

  • Advocate for infrastructure and services that support a healthy, active, and engaged community.
  • Work with community organizations that address inequities to understand and address the needs of underrepresented individuals and groups.
  • Advocate to other levels of government to raise awareness of issues that matter to Seguin residents.
  • Support the wellbeing of Seguin residents of all ages.


  • Advocate for more sustainable housing options.
  • Create opportunities for businesses to establish and thrive in Seguin Township for the long term.
  • Create opportunities to be an attractive tourism destination.
  • Expand infrastructure and services to meet emerging needs.


  • Remove transportation barriers faced by residents.
  • Strengthen our identify to ensure we accurately represent and engage everyone in our community.
  • Explore opportunities to work with the library as a community partner and community builder.
  • Advance reconciliation with Indigenous communities.
  • Identify opportunities to provide additional support services to newcomers.

Strategic Plan: to 2026 and Beyond (PDF)

Strategic Plan: to 2026 and Beyond (Flipbook)

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