Planning Department

Planning, as a division of Development and Protective Services, provides information and advice to Council, the general public, and provides guidance for the development of the municipality, with respect to land use planning including the Township's Official Plan and Zoning By-law.

Planning is responsible for both short term and long range planning within the Township which includes the processing of official plan and zoning by-law amendments, site plan approvals, plans of subdivision and condominiums, applications to purchase shore and concession road allowances and provides staff support to the Committee of Adjustment.

Application Fees

Online Payments

Pay a Planning Application Fee Online 

Online credit card payments are now available for Planning Act Applications through Accounts Receivable.

A fee of 35 cents per transaction + 3% of the amount being paid to the Township will be applied to your credit card by a 3rd party service provider.


Accounts Receivable - Payments must be made for each individual invoice number.

Make a Credit Card Payment

Please reach out to a member of the Planning Department if you wish to make an online payment. 

 Waterfront Design

*Please note Site Alteration regulations have extended from 20 metres to 60 metres from the shoreline.

Committee of Adjustment 

The Committee of Adjustment is appointed by Council to hear and make decisions on applications for minor variance from Seguin Township Zoning By-Law 2006-125. The Committee consists of five members that may approve, refuse or defer applications for minor variance. These meetings are open to the public and anyone may attend to speak to the Committee about a particular application.

 Schedules, Agendas & Minutes

The Committee of Adjustment holds Public Hearings on the second Wednesday of every month. The minor variance application and fee (PDF) must be received at least 30 days before the date of the hearing to provide sufficient time for review and processing.

Hearing Schedule

For more information contact the Secretary-Treasurer of the Committee of Adjustment

Agendas & Minutes

If you require a special format to read these documents or any other document referenced on our website, please contact us and we'll do everything we can to provide documents in an accessible format.


 Lot Creation

New lots are typically created through approval of two types of applications, a Consent or a Plan of Subdivision. Where there is only one to three new lots being created an application for Consent to sever may be appropriate. For more than three new lots an application for Plan of Subdivision is required in the Township of Seguin.

An application for lot creation requires a pre-consultation with a Township Planner to discuss the proposal prior to the submission of an application.

Parkland Dedication or alternatively, Cash-in-lieu of Parkland policy has been established by Seguin Township By-law No. 2012-081.

Consent (Severance) Applications

Click here for the Consent (Severance) Application Form

Click here for the Pre-Consultation Form

Property owners must apply for a consent if they wish to:

  • divide their property (3 new lots or less) for the purpose of selling
  • adjust a lot line (lot addition)
  • establish a Right of Way
  • create an Easement

Subdivision and Condominium Applications

Click here for the Subdivision and Condominium Application Form

Click here for the Pre-Consultation Form

Any one wishing to create more than 3 new lots from one parcel of land in the Township of Seguin must do so by an application for Plan of Subdivision.

A Condominium is a form of subdivision. It is a method of property ownership in which title to a unit, such as an individual apartment in a building, is held by an individual, together with a share of the rest of the property that is common to all of the owners. Condominiums can also apply to commercial and industrial buildings.

Maps GIS


What is the WPSGN?

The West Parry Sound Geography Network (WPSGN) is a recently formed committee comprised of Municipal and Planning Board representatives from the west side of the Parry Sound District. The founding members include the Town of Parry Sound, the Townships of Carling, McKellar, Seguin and The Archipelago, the municipalities of McDougall and Whitestone together with the Parry Sound Area Planning Board and The Archipelago Area Planning Board.

The WPSGN's raison d'être materialized from a collective desire to improve access to geographical information pertaining to the West Parry Sound Region which encompasses the area between 12 Mile Bay and the French River.


Seguin Public Interactive Mapping Application, click here 


Published maps are available for purchase at the township office, or at the Rosseau Market.

Minor Variances

The Township of Seguin Zoning By-Law 2006-125 regulates how land and buildings are used and where buildings and structures can be located. This by-law also specifies lot sizes and dimensions, parking requirements, building heights and other provisions needed for proper and orderly development.

However, sometimes due to site conditions and character of the existing buildings , it is not possible to meet all the requirements of the Zoning By-law. In that case, you can apply for approval of a minor variance. A minor variance permits a slight adjustment of a specific Zoning By-law requirement to excuse a property owner from meeting the exact requirements of the by-law.

The 4 Tests of a Minor Variance

The Committee of Adjustment must consider the following tests concerning an application before reaching a decision:

  1. Is the variance minor?
  2. Is the variance desirable for the appropriate development or use of the lands in question?
  3. Does the variance comply with the general intent and purpose of the Zoning By-law?
  4. Does the variance conform to the general intent of the Official Plan?

For more information on applying for a minor variance contact the Secretary-Treasurer of the Committee of Adjustment

Click here for the Minor Variance Application Form

Municipal Records Search

If you require information on an individual property in the Township of Seguin related to the Planning, Building, Fire, and Public Works Departments, you will be required to submit a written request for a Municipal Record Search along with the fee to the Building Department. If a survey is included ensure that it is current and to scale. Typically, these requests are from solicitors performing a transfer of ownership or placing a mortgage.

The Municipal Record Search Fee is $125.00 with a response provided within ten business days, upon receipt of the form and fee. Other municipal search options available include various agreements that may be registered on title for a fee of $100.00 each.

For septic information contact the North Bay Mattawa Conservation Authority 

Official Plan

What is the Official Plan?

The Official Plan is an important policy document Council uses for making land use decisions and managing change in the Township. It sets out a vision for the community based on long-term goals and objectives. All public works, by-laws, including the Town's Comprehensive Zoning By-law, and land use approvals must conform with the Township's Official Plan to ensure that Council's vision is consistently implemented.

Official Plan Review

Seguin Township is in the midst of an Official Plan Review. This process happens every ten years, as mandated by Ontario’s Planning Act. The Seguin Official Plan (OP) is a policy document which serves as the basis for making land-use planning decisions and guiding growth in the Seguin. The intent of the OP is to be consistent with the Provincial Policy Statement, 2020 (PPS), and provides direction on matters of Provincial interest related to land use planning and development.

The OP contains goals, objectives and permitted uses through policies to inform and direct the future of Seguin’s social, economic and natural environment. The Official Plan Review process is a unique opportunity to share your perspective and opinions on how Seguin Township develops in the coming years.


Visit our Official Plan Review website to learn about the process and share your insights.

Official Plan Amendments

Amendments to the Official Plan are sometimes necessary when the Plan does not contain policies that address new Provincial and Regional policy directions, local issues and opportunities or specific development proposals. In these cases, the Official Plan can be altered through an Official Plan Amendment (OPA) process. The OPA process allows for amendments to the Plan to be evaluated and to be presented to the public before changes are approved by Council.


Official Plan Amendment Application

Obtaining a copy of the Official Plan

The latest Seguin Township Official Plan is available in print by request, for purchase, from the Planning Department. To inquire about any of the amendments, or request information about the latest consolidation, please contact the Planning Department .

Entire Seguin Official Plan and Schedules (20.2mb)


Schedule A (7.3mb) Schedule B (4.1MB) Schedules C (7.5MB) 

Official Plan with out Schedules (1.5MB)





Planning Notices
See our News and Notices page. 
Shore and Concession Road Allowance Purchases 

Within its territorial jurisdiction Seguin Township owns all original road allowances which have not yet been closed, stopped up and conveyed. Provincial legislation permits municipalities to sell such road allowances. Council will consider applications to close and convey unopened shore and concession road allowances. This involves a number of procedures and expenses including surveying and legal, and it is the policy of Seguin Township that all associated costs shall be borne by the applicant.

Concession Road Allowance Policy, Procedures & Application Form

Shore Road Allowance Policy, Procedures & Application Form  

If the subject land is on a Plan of Subdivision a Deeming By-law application may also be required.

Deeming By-law Application

Draft Restrictions - Please review this document, and provide a signed copy acknowledging the provisions of the restrictive covenant with the complete application form.

By-law 2013-038 being a By-law to establish a procedure for the closure and sale of unopened road allowances

If you require a special format to read these documents or any other document referenced on our website, please contact us and we'll do everything we can to provide documents in an accessible format.

Site Plan Control

A site plan is a drawing, or set of drawing s, showing the physical layout of the property improvements such as building, driveway, parking area, pedestrian sidewalks, landscaping, fences, light fixtures, drains and municipal services.

The Seguin Official Plan identifies the total land area of the township as being a "Site Plan Control Area". Seguin Site Plan Control By-law No. 2011-083 includes specific site plan control requirements.

All commercial, institutional, industrial and some multi-residential and single family residential developments are subject to site plan approval.

The Site Plan Approval process promotes functional and attractive development, protection of important and sensitive natural features while minimizing adverse impacts on the surrounding land uses.

Site Plan Approval is completed prior to the issuance of a building permit. It is an interactive process involving both the property owner and Township staff, and may include other local government agencies to match the property owner's requirements with both the unique characteristics of each property and municipal development standards.

Approved site plans may require both the Township and Owner to enter into an agreement by both that is registered on title of the subject lands.

Site Plan Approval Applications

Click here for the Site Plan Approval Application Form

Click here for the Pre-Consultation Form

Telecommunication Towers


Final Protocol


Council Resolution 2020-486

Useful Planning Links 

Canadian Coast Guard, Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO)

Federation of Ontario Cottagers Association (FOCA)

Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve

International Dark Sky Association

Lake Partner Program (MOE)

Ministry of the Environment (MOE)

Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH)

Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR)

Ministry of Transportation (MTO) - North Bay Northern Regional Office

Muskoka Watershed Council

North Bay - Mattawa Conservation Authority

Ontario Municipal Board (OMB)

Ontario Planning Act

Provincial Policy Statement (PPS)

Transport Canada, Office of Boating Safety

West Parry Sound Geographic Network (WPSGN)


The Seguin Zoning By-law No. 2006-125 governs the manner in which the Township implements the policies laid out in its Official Plan and controls the use of land in the township, such as:

  • How land may be used
  • Where buildings and other structures can be located
  • The types of buildings that are permitted and how they may be used
  • The lot sizes and dimensions, lot coverage, building heights and setbacks
  • Shoreline buffer areas, landscaping areas, planting strips, parking requirements
  • Zoning By-law No. 2006-125 Illustrations 

To identify which zoning map(s) you need to view, use the interactive Zoning mapping below, Click on the Map Sheet to download...

Maps have been updated to include all amendments to the By-law passed by Council and/or approved by the OMB and in force and effect to July 1, 2015. Please contact the Planning Department for the most recent amendments to the By-law.


zoning map sheets interactive application

For more mapping information please visit

To view our main interactive zoning application please click here

Zoning By-law Amendment Application

If a proposed use is not permitted in the zone for a property, or if the standards of that zone cannot be met by a proposed development, an application for a Zoning By-law amendment may be needed to change or amend the existing zoning. Any application to amend the zoning by-law must be considered in the context of the Official Plan policies for that zone. A Zoning By-law amendment is a By-law passed by Seguin Council.

An application to amend the zoning by-law requires a pre-consultation with a Township Planner to discuss the proposal prior to the submission of an application.


Zoning By-law Amendment Application

Documents and Links

Seguin Parks and Trails Master Plan

If you require a special format to read these documents or any other document referenced on our website, please contact us and we'll do everything we can to provide documents in an accessible format.

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