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Seguin Township is delighted to introduce our "What Goes Where" tool to provide residents with the information they need to minimize waste and dispose of waste properly.

Waste Management

The Township of Seguin waste management system has seven transfer sites and one landfill site.

The Seguin Landfill site:

Seguin Landfill site is located in Orrville at 39 Star Lake Road.

Winter Hours - November 1st - April 30th

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday - 10: 00 am to 4:00 pm

Tipping fees will apply to the following as prescribed in Schedule "A" of Consolidated By-law No. 2011-059

Seguin transfer stations:

Transfer sites are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Household waste and two stream recycling; fibre/paper and co-mingled containers (glass and cans). 

Acceptable Waste

This is every day, non-recyclable waste. Household waste does not include bulky items like furniture, or appliances.



  • Newspapers and flyers - Stack in your blue box or tie in manageable bundles (please do not bag newspapers or tie newspapers in bundles)
  • Mixed Paper - Office paper, magazines, bards, bag, etc.
  • Books - Remove and discard hard covers
  • Shredded paper - Bagged with handles tied securely
  • Boxboard boxes - Cereal, crackers, pasta, etc.; (please remove plastic windows from pasta and tissue boxes)
  • Shoeboxes
  • Paper towel and toilet paper cores
  • Paper milk and juice cartons
  • Paper egg cartons
  • Corrugated boxes  Must be flattened (staples and tape are acceptable; tie in bundles, max. size: 24”x24”x 36”. Please place bundles on top of blue box; maximum weight of 20 lbs. per bundle)


*Not acceptable: metallic or glitter giftwrap/cards; photographs; used tissues/paper towels or contaminated paper; paper beverage cups (coffee, pop, etc.) cardboard contaminated with oil or chemicals.

Co-Mingled Containers
A mix of clean container and plastics can be recycled in this stream, please remember to rinse your containers and deposit them loosely into our receptacle. Have a look at our recycling guide for more information. 


Textiles and Clothing
The Diabetes Canada Clothesline program has drop boxes at our transfer sites.  They accept:

  • Accessories and bags
  • Clothing (all types)
  • Curtains
  • General household textiles (towels, blankets, sheets)
  • Shoes and boots
  • Sleeping bags
 Hazardous Waste
Seguin Township has an agreement with the Town of Parry Sound that allows Seguin residents to dispose of hazardous waste materials at the MacFarlane St. Transfer Station. Proof of residency is required. For further information, please visit Parry Sound’s website or call at (705) 746-2101.


Brush is only accepted at Seguin's landfill site and includes trees, branches, stumps, and roots.
The Seguin landfill site accepts boats made from wood, fibreglass and plastics to a maximum of 20 feet. Engine and components can be left on. Oil and fuel must be drained from the system. 
 Construction Material
Clean construction, demolition and renovation materials, including carpets and roofing material (typically made from asphalt), are accepted at the Seguin landfill site. Maximum of a one-tonne truck will be accepted.
 Re-Use Centre
Residents are encouraged to drop-off reusable items at the Reuse Centre at the Seguin landfill site. Items may be purchased by donation. Funds go towards sports and recreation equipment for Seguin youth.

Composting at your residence is an easy and environmentally friendly way to reduce the volume of organic waste sent to the landfill. When your compost is managed correctly it should not attract animals like bears.

Composter Rebate Program

Eligible residents can receive a rebate of up to $40.00 towards a purchased new backyard composter.

Click HERE to complete our online application 

Click HERE to print an application

Tips for effective backyard composting:

  • Have your composter in a level area where there is sufficient water drainage and plenty of sun
  • Place the composter into the ground about 5 cm
  • Only add unprocessed kitchen scraps 
  • Cut materials into small pieces to speed up the composting process
  • A minimum of half “green”* and half “brown”* material
  • Do not add any meat or animal products
  • Keep your compost moist, but not soaked
  • Aerate your compost
  • Your compost is ready when it is dark, crumbly and most of the items are not recognizable (some items like corn cobs and egg shells can be returned to the pile for further composting)

*Brown refers to any plant material that is brown, and includes fall leaves, dried grass, wood products, paper and straw.

*Green refers to fresh grass clippings, freshly picked weeds, plant clippings and most kitchen scraps.

How do I know what to compost?

Please refer to our list of Yes and No for your composting.  Any items not recommended for your backyard composter are accepted in our household waste stream.

Are you Bear Wise Composting?

Here are some tips to help ensure you are keeping nuisance bears out of your compost.


Will my compost smell bad?

An earthy scent is normal, balanced compost shouldn't produce unpleasant odours. If it does, your problem is either wet "green" stuff (ammonia smell) or too little air (rotten-egg smell). First, aerate the pile. If the odour persists, turn and rebuild the pile with more "brown" materials.

Will my compost attract animals?

By maintaining a balanced compost without any animal products, your compost should not attract scavenging animals.

Can I compost in the winter?

Yes. Continue to add materials throughout the winter. The decomposition process will slow down, but the pile will become active again in the spring.

Can I compost grass?

If you wish to compost grass, do not add too many grass clippings to your compost at one time. They tend to mat and develop an unpleasant odour. It is suggested that you add them in thin layers, allow them to dry in the sun before adding them, and mix them with dry materials such as leaves.



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