Short Term Accommodation/Cottage Rentals

Request for Community Input for Short-Term Accommodations/Cottage Rentals -2022

Short-term rentals have been an ongoing concern for Seguin Township Council, residents and staff – one that has been exacerbated throughout the pandemic, as demand for access to green, natural spaces outside of urban areas has skyrocketed.

Seguin Township Council and staff have heard a variety of opinions on the issue. Some people in our community support an outright ban on short-term rentals; others say that short-term rentals should operate free of any oversight, while others suggest that the solution is somewhere in the middle. 

According to current by-laws short-term rentals are prohibited in Seguin Township and commercial operations are not permitted in shoreline residential zones. Despite this, staff and Council are aware that many short-term rentals continue to operate here. We recognize that Seguin Township’s current approach to managing short-term rentals needs re-evaluation.

Please visit to help inform next steps. 

Background Documents

Section 6 - Residential Zones

June 15, 2020

Report DPS-PL-2020-054 Short-Term Cottage Rentals/Accommodations Public Engagement Strategy

April 6, 2020 

Report DPS-PL-2020-026 Short Term Cottage Rental Study (The Pros and Cons)

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