Lottery Licensing

The Provincial Registrar of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) and Municipal Councils may issue lottery licences to charitable organizations. The AGCO and municipalities work together to ensure that the legal requirements, including terms and conditions to the licences, are complied with by lottery licensees and any gaming suppliers used by the charities. The Registrar has issued a Lottery Licensing Policy Manual which is used by municipal licensing officers to make decisions on eligibility for a lottery licence and for the use of proceeds, and for the types of lottery schemes for which a licence may be issued. The Registrar also issues "terms and conditions" for lottery licences, which may be supplemented by municipalities.

The Registrar has a general authority to issue lottery licences. In the case of lottery licensees in pooling bingo halls, the AGCO and the municipality are both involved in the issuing of the licences. In other situations, the municipality will issue most lottery licences for bingos not in a pooling bingo hall with a maximum prize board of $5,500, break open tickets sold within the municipality, and raffles under $50,000 in prizes. The Registrar issues licences for raffles more than $50,000 in prizes, break open tickets to be sold regionally or province-wide, and certain "in conjunction with" games as part of a non-pooling bingo hall. These games include, for example, Super Jackpot bingo and break open tickets.

Seguin Township Council has appointed the Municipal Clerk as the Lottery Licensing Officer and delegated the authority to issue lottery licenses in Seguin to the Municipal Clerk.

Please visit the AGCO web site for further information on eligibility and application forms. Once you have reviewed the infromation on the AGCO web site, please contact the Clerk's Department if you have any questions.

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