Remembrance Day 2021

Rosseau Remembers

The quaint village of Rosseau is well known for its charming historic buildings and vibrant community.  Its rich local history remains prominent thanks to the efforts of several residents who are committed to preserving and honouring the past. Craig Finnson and Tim and Carol Fraser are three such people who have deep roots in the region and are especially committed to sharing the story of Rosseau’s veterans and honouring them in meaningful ways.

Craig Finnson launched a project this fall, inviting local residents to sponsor banners commemorating veterans with a connection to the region, inspired by a similar initiative in Parry Sound.  Word got out about the project and the response exceeded his expectations. Craig thought he might get 20 or 25 sponsorship inquiries and instead received information and sponsorship to commemorate 44 local war heroes.

“Everybody is just ecstatic about the project,” he says. “They are very pleased to have their relatives honoured. It's been a really positive experience. I think it’s important to bring awareness of our war history to the forefront as the years go by.”

Each banner features a historic sepia-toned portrait; the war in which the veteran served; the sponsor’s name and “We Remember” with a red poppy.  You can read a full list of the veterans honoured here and see the banners in person on Victoria Street and Oak Street in Rosseau. This gallery provides a glimpse at a few of the banners.

Photo Gallery: Banner Project will appear here on the public site.

If your journey through the village takes you to Veterans Memorial Park, you’ll discover another commemorative project initiated by local residents Tim and Carol Fraser. When the legion was torn down in 1989, former deputy fire chief Mike Field decided that its portico should be salvaged. For years it was used as a shed and when Mike moved, Tim and Carol stepped up, interested in the little piece of history. Like its previous owner, they used it for storage, but as the years went by, they noticed that the building was deteriorating. So they opted to begin the process of restoring the small shed-like structure.

Tim gradually collected materials from other buildings of a similar age from the local area and began to restore the portico to create an authentic look and feel. The project is now complete and with help from Seguin staff, the structure has been relocated to Veterans Memorial Park in remembrance of Rosseau Branch 289 of the Royal Canadian Legion and the Ladies Auxiliary. Tim is a former member of the legion and with parents who served in the wars, the project has been a labour of love for Tim and Carol. “This is a way to commemorate how much these organizations did for the community,” says Tim. “It’s also important information for those visitors passing through and those new to the community who may not know this important part of our local history.”

Photo Gallery: Remembrance Day 2021 will appear here on the public site.

Seguin Remembrance Day Ceremonies:

November 7, 2021
10:00 a.m.
Seguin Pioneer United Church – Outdoor service at Foley Cenotaph with a church service continued inside sanctuary (if weather is severe then whole service will be inside the church).
56 Rankin Lake Road

Orrville: November 11, 2021
10:45 a.m.
Orrville Cenotaph
1231 Highway 518

Rosseau: November 11, 2021
10:45 a.m.
Outdoor service at Rosseau Memorial Hall.

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