Getting ready for winter in Seguin

Posted on Friday November 12, 2021

Seguin residents have been treated to some balmy fall days, but as we all know, ice and snow is just around the corner. Our public works crews have been busy preparing for the coming change in weather to ensure that getting around in the township is as safe as possible.

Seguin Township would like to share some key reminders about road safety and snow removal as we move into the winter months:

Never pass a working snowplow  – Sight lines and visibility can be significantly reduced by blowing snow and the ridge of snow that the plow creates. Trying to pass between or around a snowplow could result in a severe – even fatal – collision.

Give snowplows and sand trucks plenty of space – These vehicles must travel slower than regular traffic in order to get the job done. Sight lines and visibility near a working snowplow are significantly reduced by blowing snow. Stay well back!

Seguin Township does not maintain private roads - There are several summer roads in our township. Please familiarize yourself with your road designation and be prepared to organize private winter maintenance services as needed. In 2021, the township added the following roads to our plow routes: Morgan Bay Road; Otter Lake Road; Islandview Road and Schmidt Circle.

Please be patient after significant weather events - After a significant snow fall or ice storm it can take up to 48 hours to properly clear Seguin Township roads. Please exercise patience and caution.

Have your shovel or snowblower ready! Residents are responsible for clearing snow from private driveways, including the end of the driveway, where it meets the road and snow accumulates after a plow has serviced the road.

Walking Seguin roads? Stay safe and wear hi-vis clothing! In the last two years we have noticed an uptick in pedestrians on Seguin roads. It’s great to get active, but please wear clothing that allows you to be seen and stay alert!

Be prepared. Check weather and road conditions before getting behind the wheel. Be prepared to allow yourself extra time for travel, or wait until conditions improve. Stock your car with a winter driving survival kit. The Ministry of Transportation recommends:

  • Ice scraper/snowbrush

  • Shovel

  • Sand or other traction aid

  • Tow rope or chain

  • Booster cables

  • Road flares or warning lights

  • Fuel line antifreeze

  • Flashlight and batteries

  • First aid kit

  • Fire extinguisher

  • Small tool kit

  • Extra clothing and footwear

  • Blanket

  • Non-perishable energy foods – e.g., chocolate or granola bars, juice, soup, bottled water 

  • Candle  

  • Matches or lighter

If you have any questions or concerns about snow removal in Seguin, please don’t hesitate to reach out by phone (705-732-4300) or email.

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