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Regional Economic Development Advisory Committee

The Municipality of McDougall, the Town of Parry Sound, Seguin Township, Carling Township and McKellar Township are independent jurisdictions but believe appropriate economic development is one municipality is beneficial for all. As such, they have created the Regional Economic Development Advisory Committee (REDAC) to assist in the regions vision to be a progressive and diverse economic centre.

REDAC facilitates initiatives aimed to support, stimulate and enhance economic growth and development while ensuring the protection of the natural, social and visual environments.

Current project focuses include infrastructure development, provision of business support, facilitation of development by-laws and governance, area marketing and promotion, and workforce training and diversification.

The Parry Sound Area Development Community includes a variety of site options offering sound prospects for business development, expansion and development. The following map indicates Land Inventory Development Nodes available for opportunity within the region.

Available  Land Inventory Development Nodes


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