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Airport Business Park

Altius Architecture Inc.

Central Helicopters Inc.

Flyte Upholstery

Baycrest Distribution Inc.

Mohawk Flight Centre

Parry Sound Aviation

Pro-Safe Fire Training System Inc.

Project X

RYNZ Innovative Tooling Inc.

Sifft Electric

Soundseals Insulation

Superior Propane

Altius Architecture Inc.

   Altius Architecture joined the Parry Sound Area Municipal Airport Business Park in the winter of 2011. Altius              creates great architecture because they understand their clients and are responsive to what is most important to        them.

You can contact Altius Architecture through the following methods:


Telephone: 416-516-7772     Fax:  416-516-7774

Address: 3 Murphy Road, Seguin, ON P2A 2W8

Business Mailing Address: 

Altius Architecture Inc., 109 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 201, Toronto, ON M6K 1X4


Baycrest Distribution Inc.

You can contact Baycrest Distribution through the following methods:

Jason Smith cell: 705-203-0065


Central Helicopters Inc.


Central Helicopters Inc. has been operating in the Parry Sound area since 2002 and joined the airport in the summer of 2014. They are a four season operation offering scenic and charter flights.

You can contact Central Helicopters through the following methods:


Main office is located on the second floor of the Airport Business Centre

97 Airport Road, Seguin, ON P2A 2W8


Parry Sound Aviation  

                                 AMO # 45-15


Aircraft Maintenance & repair

Aviation Consultant

Research & Development

Owner:   David McDevitt Jr. AME, A&P, PPL

You can contact Parry Sound Aviation through the follwing methods:


Address: 97 Airport Road Parry Sound Area Municipal Airport, P2A 2W8


      Flyte Upholstery

    You can contact Flyte Upholstery through the following methods:

    Jason Wilson


    Telephone: 705-773-8176

    Cell: 519-533-3002

    Fax: 705-378-4730

    Address: 97 Airport Road, Hangar 3, Parry Sound, ON P2A 2W8


 Pro-Safe Fire Training System Inc.

       Pro-Safe Fire Training System Inc. joined the Parry Sound Area Municipal Airport Business Park in 2008. Pro-         Safe Fire Training Systems Inc is the leading manufacturer of live fire training systems. They have designed and       patented a unique propane-based burner system used in fire fighter training programs throughout the world.

   You can contact Pro-Safe Fire Training System Inc. through the following methods:

   Project Coordinator

   Gord Seehaver,

   Telephone:  905-337-8137   Fax:  905-842-0011

   Mailing Address: 3 Piper Road, Seguin, ON P2A 2W8


      RYNZ Innovative Tooling Inc.

    Custom CNC Machining.

    You can contact RYNZ Innovative Tooling Inc., through the following methods:

    Rayner Haupt

   Cell: 705-746-3601



      SoundSeals Insulation

   SoundSeals Insulation is a leading insulation expert serving Muskoka, Simcoe, Parry Sound          and Near North Regions. We install a large variety of insulation types, offer free consultations        and estimates, as well as 100% customer guarantee.



   You can contact Soundseals Insulation through the following methods:

   Mailing and physical address:

   SoundSeals Insulation 

   1 Murphy Road, Comp 13, Seguin, ON P2A 2W8

   Telephone: 705-746-0066

   Toll free: 866-722-3181

   Fax: 866-263-7823


Main office:  Annie Gelineau Keenan

Sales Dept:  Jason Carusetta