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Come live, work and play in Seguin, what are you waiting for? Ideally located, Seguin is a little more than two hours north of Toronto, and connected via Highway 400. This major four lane corridor, in addition to our municipal airport, allows community businesses and residents easy access to nearby markets.

A thriving natural Township, Seguin not only provides a supportive and affordable environment for business, our residents enjoy an attractive and very affordable lifestyle. Complete with desirable regional amenities, including education and state-of-the-art health care facilities, Seguin offers a quality of life, second to none. With our various community groups and leisure activities, seniors, young families, children and single adults will find Seguin an appealing choice to live, work and raise a family.

Seguin Township and the surrounding region is a sound prospect for anyone interested in business development, expansion or investment. With recent population shifts, construction growth and accessible industrial properties within reach, the region continues to create business opportunities.

Interested in developing in any of our regional communities, free of city life, visit the Parry Sound Area Development Community to grasp the promising opportunities available free of development charges.

The high quality of life, promising business opportunities, ideal location and affordable lifestyle make Seguin the perfect community for your family and business to grow with.

Seguin on a map