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Finance Committee


The Finance Committee will review and provide input on the Township's long-term financial goals and strategies, annual budget and carry out special projects of a financial nature at the request of Council.  This could include operational and performance analysis.


Membership is open to citizens who reside and/or are property owners in Seguin Township who are 18 years of age or older.

Terms of Reference

Finance Committee Terms of Reference

Membership Term

Members are appointed for the term of Council (four years).

Membership List

  • Louise Montague - Chair
                40 Walnut Dr.
                Seguin, ON P2A 2W8
  • Susan McEachern
  • Lionel Miskin
  • Shawn Gordon
  • Craig Reith
  • Daryle Moffatt
  • Terry Fellner

Finance Committee Meeting Schedules

Finance Committee Meeting Agendas

Finance Committee Meeting Minutes