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Employee Value Statement

We believe the staff of Seguin Township is exceptional and enjoy where we work. We have an organizational culture where employees have an optimistic outlook with respect in our workplace. This positive mindset and values based culture leads to increased productivity and organizational effectiveness.


We, the employees of the Township of Seguin believe in core values and principles as the foundation for our excellence in our workplace.

Support success in partnership

We share in our dedication and commitment to each other and strive to support one another in reaching our full potential, both professionally and personally.

Effectiveness of innovation & teamwork

We believe in the effectiveness of a cohesive and welcoming work environment that recognizes the value of teamwork and inspires innovation and cooperation.

Growth through knowledge & experience

We promote continuous learning in our organization and invest in opportunities to enhance our growth through knowledge. This enables us to meet the evolving needs of our community.

Understanding uniqueness

We believe that each employee is unique and expects to be respected and treated fairly. We recognize each other's points of view and respond in a balanced, flexible, and open-minded way.

Integrity in everything we do

We act with integrity, building lasting relationships on honesty and trust. We seek open communication with our customers, our community and each other.

Nurture & respect our natural environment

We believe that our quality of life stems from our natural environment. We strive to nurture and respect it through our actions and attitude in the workplace.