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Cemetery Committee


Members of the Cemetery Committee are responsible for making recommendations to Council regarding the operation and maintenance of all five cemeteries owned by Seguin Township.


To ensure that the operation of the Township's cemeteries conform to all Provincial legislation as well as all pertinent municipal by-laws. 


Membership is open to citizens who reside and/or are property owners in Seguin Township who are 18 years of age or older. At least one member of the Committee is also a member of Council.

Terms of Reference

Cemetery Committee Terms of Reference

Membership Term

Members are appointed for the Term of Council (four years).

Membership List

  • Edwin Forbes - Chair
                   37 Duck Lake Rd.
                   Seguin, ON  P2A 0B2
  • Dale Graves - Councillor
  • Bill Jameson
  • Marg Presley
  • Robert Bradley
  • Wib Bethune

Cemetery Committee Meeting Schedules

Cemetery Committee Meeting Agendas

Cemetery Committee Meeting Minutes