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Foley Recreation Committee


Appointed by the Township of Seguin Council, the aim of the Recreation Committee is to provide recreational activities for all the residents of Seguin Township.


Membership is open to citizens who reside and/or are property owners in Seguin Township who are 18 years of age or older. At least one member of the Committee is also a member of Council.

Terms of Reference


Membership Term

Members are appointed by Council for the term of Council.

Membership List

  • Danny Shoebottom - Chair
                   285 Hwy 518
                   Seguin, ON  P2A 0B2
  • Mario Buszynski - Councillor
  • Janet Borneman
  • Pat Flowers

Foley Recreation Committee Meeting Schedules

Foley Recreation Committee Meeting Agendas

Foley Recreation Committee Meeting Minutes