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Muskoka Tourism

Muskoka Chairs

Muskoka Tourism provides useful, practical and meaningful information related to one of Seguin's neighbouring premier vacation destinations. The organization provides tourism resources for cottagers as well as visitors to the area and promotes many vacation experiences including attractions, accommodations and businesses.

Visitor CentresMuskoka Tourism operates two Travel Information Centres, one located on Highway 11 North of Severn Bridge in Kilworthy and a second location on Highway 400 at Port Severn.

Muskoka Tourism provides information services to potential visitors through the Internet, phone inquiries, email inquiries and walk-in traffic.

For information on Muskoka please contact our Travel Counselors at 1-800-267-9700 or email at Muskoka Tourism.

Other InformationMuskoka Tourism Marketing Agency is a not-for-profit membership association funded by both the District of Muskoka and the private sector.

Muskoka Tourism Marketing Agency was established in 1935 as the Muskoka Tourist Association (MTA) by a consortium of operators to promote Muskoka as a vacation destination. In 1985, the current association, Muskoka Tourism Marketing Agency (MTMA), evolved from the MTA. A strong proponent of this change was the District Municipality of Muskoka