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Arts & Culture in Seguin

Canoe by the lake

As the most "artistic" municipality in Ontario, Seguin is rich in arts and culture and provides a diverse community with abounding history and heritage.

Seguin and the surrounding area is home to many cultural festivals and events. The region is filled with artists and artisans, personal studios, and organized art tours, music, drama and comedy.

Artists are able to showcase their artistic abilities, performers can dazzle audiences and cultural groups can host celebrations to amaze and educate residents.

A cultural highlight in Seguin is the Humphrey Museum, rich in natural history. Visit the Rosseau Farmer's Market every Friday in July and August. Admire the amazing capabilities of one of the many artists and members of the Seguin Arts Council.

A highlight of the surrounding community is the Charles. W. Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts and the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame located on Parry Sound's waterfront. The 480-seat venue is home to the renowned Festival of the Sound and offers year-round entertainment programming. Don't forget to visit the Museum on Tower Hill when you are in Parry Sound.

Our region is filled with exceptional artists and artisans, personal studios, organized art tours, music, drama and comedy. Don't miss the unique arts and culture in our community.