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Winter Control

Seguin Township is responsible for maintaining year round, public roadways and sidewalks under its jurisdiction. Plowing and sanding operations begin with the first significant snowfall and operators follow pre established plow routes. Throughout the winter season road conditions and weather are regularly monitored to assist in the safe and timely maintenance of our roadways. The Township strives to exceed the minimum maintenance standards, as set out by the Ministry of Transportation.

Damage to Private Property

On occasion a snow plow will damage property. Mailboxes have been particularly susceptible to this damage. If your mailbox has been damaged, please contact the Public Works Department so we can arrange an inspection and a course of action.

What can you do to help?

  • Under the Highway Traffic Act, section 181, residents are not allowed to deposit snow on the roadway. When clearing snow, please pile it on your property and refrain from shoveling it onto the sidewalk, road or across the road into the ditches.
  • Adhere to the winter parking Consolidated By-Law No. 2005-164 (as amended by By-Laws No. 2010-081 & 2012-087) 
  • Report any slippery or dangerous conditions to the Public Works Department

Safety Tips

  • Always drive according to conditions
  • Keep a safe distance from plow trucks - If you can't see the mirrors, they can't see you!
  • Never tailgate a plow truck - This is especially dangerous on a hill, they can slip too!

For a comprehensive page on winter driving safety please refer to the Ministry of Transportation website.