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Water Quality

The beauty and tranquility of Seguin Township comes from our unique natural setting of 186 lakes, vast forests and winding rivers and wetlands.

The preservation of these natural qualities is a priority for Seguin. Our community prides themselves as being stewards of our lake quality and shoreline character.

As an environment first municipality we pride ourselves in environmental planning initiatives aimed at improving our water quality and ensuring our lakes remain healthy. Seguin's Water Quality Monitoring and Septic Reinspection Program is aimed at monitoring the ecological health of our lakes and maintaining septic systems as part of our overall stewardship initiatives.

Water is critical to all aspects of our lives and it is important that we ensure there is a safe and reliable source of water for all our uses - now and in the future.

Water quality in Seguin is of the utmost importance and plays a critical role in tourism, recreation, programming and quality of life. Our lakes are home to abundant aquatic life including fish, invertebrates and plants.

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