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Volunteer Opportunities

colour photo of woman and 2 men with one man holding a boxHelp create a thriving and vibrant community in Seguin Township through volunteering your time and energy! Individuals interested in volunteering within Seguin Township or affiliated groups can find opportunities to share their talents and become further engaged in the community.

Volunteer opportunities with Children's Programs

The Township of Seguin offers many youth programs throughout the year. Volunteers with a youthful spirit who enjoy working with children from 4 and up are welcome to apply.

Volunteer opportunities with Events

Many community and cultural events are hosted by the Township of Seguin or by committees associated with the Township of Seguin. If you wish to participate as a volunteer please contact Seguin Township.

Volunteer opportunities with Swim Programs

Are you a youth interested in becoming a Red Cross Swim instructor and already have your Bronze Cross certificate? Train as a volunteer with our certified lifeguards at the Rosseau Waterfront or at Foley Matheson Beach.

Click here for the Volunteer Application Form.