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2017 Swim Schedule

2017 Swim Registration Form

Living in the North and learning to swim go hand in hand. This skill is essential and the Township of Seguin provides numerous opportunities to learn at the Foley Matheson Beach and the Rosseau Waterfront.

Our program this year will include four two-week sessions in Rosseau and Foley. We will also be offering evening classes from August 14th to August 25th in Rosseau! The Bronze Med/Bronze Cross will be a one week intensive course and will be offered in both locations. Private lessons may be available by request. With so many choices, we hope that every child has the opportunity to participate this year!

Should you wish to learn how to swim, or improve your lifesaving skills, look no further than our local beaches for qualified instructors who make learning to swim fun and educational.

Check out the Information on the different Red Cross Levels  and the Learn to Swim Program Comparison by Organization (YMCA & Red Cross).