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Site Plan Control

A site plan is a drawing, or set of drawing s, showing the physical layout of the property improvements such as building, driveway, parking area, pedestrian sidewalks, landscaping, fences, light fixtures, drains and municipal services.

The Seguin Official Plan identifies the total land area of the township as being a "Site Plan Control Area". Seguin Site Plan Control By-law No. 2011-083 includes specific site plan control requirements.

All commercial, institutional, industrial and some multi-residential and single family residential developments are subject to site plan approval.

The Site Plan Approval process promotes functional and attractive development, protection of important and sensitive natural features while minimizing adverse impacts on the surrounding land uses.

Site Plan Approval is completed prior to the issuance of a building permit. It is an interactive process involving both the property owner and Township staff, and may include other local government agencies to match the property owner's requirements with both the unique characteristics of each property and municipal development standards.

Approved site plans may require both the Township and Owner to enter into an agreement by both that is registered on title of the subject lands.

Site Plan Application Form

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Seguin Official Plan and Schedules

Zoning By-law 2006-125 and Zoning By-law Maps

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