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Sewage Systems and Septic Re-inspections

Sewage Systems 

The North Bay - Mattawa Conservation Authority is responsible for the enforcement of the provisions of the Building Code Act and Part 8 (sewage systems) of the Ontario Building Code. North Bay - Mattawa Conservation Authority was designated to conduct inspections and issue sewage system permits across the Nipissing District and defined areas within the Parry Sound District.

The North Bay - Mattawa Conservation Authority's Sewage System Program is designed to regulate and ensure compliance with the Ontario Building Code regarding the installation and maintenance of private onsite sewage systems.

Contact North Bay - Mattawa Conservation Authority for additional information regarding sewage systems.

Septic Re-Inspection Program

The Township of Seguin Septic Re-inspection Program is a proactive strategy on the part of the municipality and serves to compliment the Seguin Lake Water Quality Program developed in 2008. The program was implemented in the spring of 2002. The program is run in partnership with the North Bay Mattawa Conservation Authority.

In many small and rural communities like Seguin, septic systems are the common method of waste disposal and treatment. If properly designed, installed and maintained, a septic system could service a home for up to twenty years. However, poorly designed, installed or un-maintained systems may pose a threat to the environment and health through inadequately treated waste.

Since the implementation of the program in 2002, our main objective has been to inspect existing sewage disposal systems for malfunction, deterioration, erosion and overall compliance with the Ontario Building Code.

The goal of the program is to encourage regular maintenance of septic systems to avoid any possible threats to the environment.

Contact the Building Department for additional information regarding the Septic Re-inspection Program.

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