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Three R's Reduce, Reuse, RecyleSeguin Township is committed to a cost effective and environmentally sound approach to recycling through landfill management and appropriate waste diversion.

Blue Box Recycling

The New Compactors are here!

Seguin Township has a two stream recycling program, fibre and containers. These items must be disposed of in two different bins onsite. These materials are accepted at all 7 Transfer Sites. We encourage residents to participate in our diversion programs and follow the acceptable waste recycling guide. Please refer to our detailed information on plastic recycling, as contamination of the recycling bins will result in extra costs to the Township. Find out more about our new Compacting Recycling System located at Christie, Turtle, Humphrey and Brooks Transfer sites. 

Tire Recycling

Seguin Township in conjunction with The Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) began the "Used Tires Program" in September 2009. Tires, both on and off rims are accepted at the Seguin Land Fill Site, free of charge to residents of Seguin Township.

Electronics Recycling

The Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES) began the "Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Program" in April 2009 with Phase 1 and expanded Phase 2 in April 2010 to accept more items. Electronic Waste is accepted at the Seguin Land Fill Site, free of charge to residents of Seguin Township.

Metal Recycling

Scrap metal and most white goods (household appliances) are accepted free of charge at the Seguin Land Fill Site. Please note that appliances that contain refrigerant will be charged a fee for disposal as the Township must contract the services of a technician to safely decommission the item. Refrigerant devices will not be accepted with out compressors, unless proof of certified refrigerant removal is provided.

Boat Shrink Wrap **NEW**

Boat shrink wrap will now be recycled for the first time at the Seguin Landfill and at our waste events. This product is not part of the bluebox recycling program, please do NOT include it with the container/plastic recycling. It is recycled through a private company at no cost to the Township.  If successful, we will continue to recycle this product in the future.

Recycling of gently used items

The Township has established a re-use center, located at the Seguin Landfill Site, 39 Star Lake Road, Orrville. The re-use center accepts gently used items that others may be interested in. Purchasing of items is by donation. All proceeds collected are forwarded to Seguin Township Volunteer Fire Department.

Please see our Map showing the various Transfer Site locations and our Landfill Site location.