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Property Tax Information

2017 Tax Bill Due Dates


1st Installment will be due 27 February 2017

2nd Installment will be due 27 April 2017

3rd Installment will be due 27 July 2017

4th Installment will be due 27 September 2017

If you do not receive your tax bill please contact the Treasury department immediately.


Penalty and Interest Policy


Changing Your Mailing Address / Contact Information

If your mailing address or contact information has changed, please complete a Contact Information Change Form.

Tax Certificates

  • Cost $35.00 - Same day service $70.00
  • Submit request by the following methods
  1. Mail to Township of Seguin, 5 Humphrey Dr, Seguin, ON, P2A 2W8
  2. Fax to 705-732-6347 (include copy of payment) or
  3. Email with proof of payment
  • Now offering tax certificates via email. Please indicate your email address on your request. A hard copy will not be mailed unless requested.


Tax Rates


Tax Sales