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Snow Plow Routes


Plowing operations follow pre-established routes. These routes were designed to consider the best service for all residents. As a minimum, plow routes and priorities are established using the Minimum Maintenance Standards set out by the Ministry of Transportation, of which Seguin Township strives to exceed. As well, school bus routes and other public service providers are a priority when establishing these routes.

Sanding / Salting

Sanding of roads is done to help mitigate slippery conditions. Critical areas, such as hills, curves, bridges, intersections and approaches to railways crossings will receive top priority and are sanded as required.

Seguin Township is continually modifying operating procedures to minimize salt usage. Straight salt is only used sparingly on hard top roads when significant icy conditions exist. The Township has installed "salt saving underbelly plows", which are installed under the plow trucks running on paved roads. This system significantly increases snow/hard patch removal while decreasing the salt requirements.