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Park-to-Park Trail System

The Park-to-Park Trail is a regional initiative to create an east-west link through Parry Sound, Muskoka and Haliburton. Connecting Killbear Provincial Park to Algonquin Provincial Park, this 230 kilometre length of trail is a destination for all trail enthusiasts.

This project will ultimately create a four-season multi-use trail system that will link seven of the province's premiere parks, as well as area attractions, services, amenities and other trail networks such as the Trans Canada Trail. Trail uses include hiking/walking, cycling, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, horseback riding, dog sledding, ATV's and trail bikes. Please note that all trail uses may not be permitted on all sections of the trail. Contact Park-to-Park Trail for further information.

The Park-to-Park Trail route traverses a region rich in natural and cultural heritage. Highlights include visible evidence of the logging and railway history of the area. Early settlement villages and colonization roads are features common along the trail. Physically, the trail passes numerous lakes, rivers and streams, as well as extensive areas of forest, field and wetland habitat. A celebrated feature of the Park-to-Park Trail is the Precambrian geology of the Canadian Shield. The trail cuts laterally across the southern extent of the Shield exposing the glacially scarred granite bedrock.

For more information, please contact the Park-to-Park Trail staff at 888-213-8143 or visit them at