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Official Plan

What is the Official Plan?

The Official Plan is an important policy document Council uses for making land use decisions and managing change in the Township.

It sets out a vision for the community based on long-term goals and objectives. All public works, by-laws, including the Town's Comprehensive Zoning By-law, and land use approvals must conform with the Township's Official Plan to ensure that Council's vision is consistently implemented.

Official Plan Amendments

Amendments to the Official Plan are sometimes necessary when the Plan does not contain policies that address new Provincial and Regional policy directions, local issues and opportunities or specific development proposals.

In these cases, the Official Plan can be altered through an Official Plan Amendment (PDF) (OPA) process. The OPA process allows for amendments to the Plan to be evaluated and to be presented to the public before changes are approved by Council.

Obtaining a copy of the Official Plan

The latest Seguin Township Official Plan is available in print by request, for purchase, from the Planning Department.

To inquire about any of the amendments, or request information about the latest consolidation, please contact the Planning Department .

Seguin Official Plan and Schedules

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