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Minor Variance

The Township of Seguin Zoning By-Law 2006-125 regulates how land and buildings are used and where buildings and structures can be located. This by-law also specifies lot sizes and dimensions, parking requirements, building heights and other provisions needed for proper and orderly development.

However, sometimes due to site conditions and character of the existing buildings , it is not possible to meet all the requirements of the Zoning By-law. In that case, you can apply for approval of a minor variance. A minor variance permits a slight adjustment of a specific Zoning By-law requirement to excuse a property owner from meeting the exact requirements of the by-law.

The 4 Tests of a Minor Variance

The Committee of Adjustment must consider the following tests concerning an application before reaching a decision:

  1. Is the variance minor?
  2. Is the variance desirable for the appropriate development or use of the lands in question?
  3. Does the variance comply with the general intent and purpose of the Zoning By-law?
  4. Does the variance conform to the general intent of the Official Plan?

For more information on applying for a minor variance contact the Secretary-Treasurer of the Committee of Adjustment

Application form for Minor Variances (PDF)

Hearing Schedule

Agendas and Minutes 


Documents and Links

Seguin Official Plan and Schedules (PDF)

Zoning By-law 2006-125 (PDF) and Zoning By-law Maps

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