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Maps in Seguin

Published maps available for purchase at the township office, or at the Rosseau Market.

Seguin Public Interactive Mapping Application, click here,

  • Intended for Desktop users - runs using Adobe Flash from an internet browser

Other Township of Seguin Maps and Apps, click here

  • Intended for all mobile devices and desktop operating systems from a browser



The West Parry Sound Geography Network (WPSGN) is a recently formed committee comprised of Municipal and Planning Board representatives from the west side of the Parry Sound District. The founding members include the Town of Parry Sound, the Townships of Carling, McKellar, Seguin and The Archipelago, the municipalities of McDougall and Whitestone together with the Parry Sound Area Planning Board and The Archipelago Area Planning Board.

The WPSGN's raison d'être materialized from a collective desire to improve access to geographical information pertaining to the West Parry Sound Region which encompasses the area between 12 Mile Bay and the French River.Township of Seguin home page on The West Parry Sound Geography Network.