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Lot Creation

New lots are typically created through approval of two types of applications, a Consent or a Plan of Subdivision. Where there is only one to three new lots being created an application for Consent to sever may be appropriate. For more than three new lots an application for Plan of Subdivision is required in the Township of Seguin.

An application for lot creation requires a pre-consultation with a Township Planner to discuss the proposal prior to the submission of an application.

Parkland Dedication or alternatively, Cash-in-lieu of Parkland policy has been established by Seguin Township By-law No. 2012-081.

Consent (Severance) Applications

Property owners must apply for a consent if they wish to:

  • divide their property (3 new lots or less) for the purpose of selling
  • adjust a lot line (lot addition)
  • establish a Right of Way
  • create an Easement

Subdivision and Condominium Applications

Any one wishing to create more than 3 new lots from one parcel of land in the Township of Seguin must do so by an application for Plan of Subdivision.

A Condominium is a form of subdivision. It is a method of property ownership in which title to a unit, such as an individual apartment in a building, is held by an individual, together with a share of the rest of the property that is common to all of the owners. Condominiums can also apply to commercial and industrial buildings.

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