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Lake Stewardship

 Stewardship Seguin

The protection of our environment is a priority in Seguin. So much so, we have developed a Lake Stewardship Handbook providing a road map of how to protect the health of our lakes and offering common sense approaches to help you do your part, and be a better steward. In conjunction with this handbook, we have developed a "Stewardship Seguin" program that recognizes and applauds property owners for making a significant improvement to their environment through stewardship activities.

A property owner interested in participating in the program should:

  1. 1. Contact Seguin Township or their participating Lake Association to learn more about the program.
  2. 2. Request a rating card for their property.
  3. 3. Become familiar with the Living Sustainably in Seguin Handbook.
  4.  Submit their rating card to Seguin Township or their participating Lake Association and start greening their property one "raindrop" at a time.

 Once your rating card is submitted, you will receive a Stewardship Seguin Flag acknowledging your commitment to sustainable living. This flag will easily mount on your dock or raft signifying your participation.

Each year, as you make improvements and increase your rating, additional "raindrops" will be rewarded.

2017 Stewardship Speaker Series

 Four prominent speakers are confirmed for the summer of 2017!   Topics include:

1. Why Bears Do What They Do - Andy McMullen, July 20 at 7pm Humphrey Arena

2. The Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary - Howard Smith, July 27 at 7pm Rosseau Wellness Room

3. Birds of a Feather: Birds at Risk Living in Seguin - Tianna Burke, August 3 at 7pm Orrville Community Centre

4. Fish Habitat Assessments in Eastern Georgian Bay - Julia Sutton, August 10 at 7pm Foley Community Centre

Please see the poster for further details.

Lake Stewardship Handbook

There are three main principles and 12 practical steps that we must adopt to sustain our natural character:

Principle One - Keep it Natural

Imagine what your property looked like before construction and try to mimic it wherever possible

Step 1 - Minimize lawns and landscaping

Step 2 - Naturalize and restore shoreline buffers

Step 3 - Minimize tree cutting

Principle Two - Respect Character, Aesthetics and Ecology

Blend your development and landscaping activities into the local setting

Step 4 - Live with nature

Step 5 - Protect species at risk

Step 6 - Respect night skies

Principle Three - Minimize our Human Footprint

Reduce your impacts on the natural and social environment

Step 7 - Carefully select and locate shoreline structures

Step 8 - Maintain your septic system

Step 9 - Reduce the impact of construction

Step 10 - Reduce storm water run-off

Step 11 - Practice safe boating

Step 12 - Green your home

Please visit the Humphrey Arena Office at 15 Humphrey Drive to obtain a copy of the Guide or download a personal copy of the Lake Stewardship Handbook. (PDF)


Mayor receiving plaque from Safe Quiet Lakes reps

Mayor Bruce Gibbon accepts a permanent Boater's Code Plaque from Safe Quiet Lakes on August 17, 2016