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Lake Stewardship

CanoeThe protection of our environment is a priority in Seguin. So much so, we have developed a Lake Stewardship Handbook providing a road map of how to protect the health of our lakes and offering common sense approaches to help you do your part, and be a better steward.

By utilizing the ideas throughout this guide, we all have the opportunity to adopt "green" practices and "do the right thing", wherever practical and possible.

The handbook includes 12 steps to success. These are made up of straightforward examples where we can live sustainably and implement practices to minimize our human footprint.

Going forward start small, set a target, one you can live with and set yourself up to succeed. For example, plant native species, maintain your septic system or minimize lawns and landscaping. These green approaches are clearly laid out to help you do your part.

Lake Stewardship Guide

There are three main principles and 12 practical steps that we must adopt to sustain our natural character:

Principle One - Keep it Natural

Imagine what your property looked like before construction and try to mimic it wherever possible

Step 1 - Minimize lawns and landscaping

Step 2 - Naturalize and restore shoreline buffers

Step 3 - Minimize tree cutting

Principle Two - Respect Character, Aesthetics and Ecology

Blend your development and landscaping activities into the local setting

Step 4 - Live with nature

Step 5 - Protect species at risk

Step 6 - Respect night skies

Principle Three - Minimize our Human Footprint

Reduce your impacts on the natural and social environment

Step 7 - Carefully select and locate shoreline structures

Step 8 - Maintain your septic system

Step 9 - Reduce the impact of construction

Step 10 - Reduce storm water run-off

Step 11 - Practice safe boating

Step 12 - Green your home

Please visit the Township Office at 5 Humphrey Drive to obtain a copy of the Guide or download a personal copy of the Lake Stewardship Guide. (PDF)