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Environment & Energy 

Seguin Township is a community that prides ourselves on the sustainability of our environment, the efficient use of energy and the reduction of our carbon footprint.  We believe in the preservation of our unique natural heritage and are dedicated stewards of our lake quality and shoreline character.

Environment First

Our Mayor, Council and staff embrace the "environment first" principle. That is, we recognize the unique natural attributes and are passionate about preserving our small rural and waterfront character.  We recognize the importance of a sustainable organization through the way we do business both internally and externally.

Through our goals, programs and stewardship initiatives, we believe in greening our municipal operations and developing the plans and policies to ensure we achieve our goals.

Stewards of our Environment

The distinctive and unique identity of Seguin Township comes from the beauty and tranquility of our northern Ontario setting - our 186 lakes of all sizes and character, our vast forested areas and our beautiful rivers and wetlands. It is a place where residents enjoy living, scenic beauty and an active community lifestyle.

The sustainability of these features, while keeping pace with the diverse needs of our community is a priority of our Township's municipal vision

Lake view

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