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Entrance / Driveway Permits

An Entrance Permit is required if you want to:

  • Construct a new entrance to your property that fronts on a Municipal Road
  • Make any changes to an existing entrance that fronts on a Municipal Road

Permit Application Procedure:

  • Entrance Permit Applications are available on line or from the Public Works Department.
  • The proposed entrance must be accurately sketched on the application or it must be staked out in the field by the Applicant.
  • All Associated fee's must be submitted with the completed application.
  • Entrances must be constructed to our Municipal Standard.
  • For detailed information on the process and requirements please refer to Schedule 'A' of By-Law 2009-042.

Where to Submit the Permit Application

  • Completed Applications are to be submitted to the Township office via one of the following ways:
  • Fax
  • E-mail
  • In person or by regular mail - 5 Humphrey Drive, Seguin, ON P2A 2W8