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Don Hood
Fire Chief

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T: (705) 732-4300 ext 234

Patrick Shoebottom
Fire Prevention Officer

Seguin Township
5 Humphrey Dr., Seguin, ON
Canada P2A 2W8
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E-Mail Patrick Shoebottom

T. 705-732-4300 x 252
Toll Free: 1-877-473-4846
F. 705-732-4736
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Bear Feeding By-law


By-law No. 2012-049  

Being a By-law to prohibit the deliberate feeding of bears (Ursus americanus) within the geographic boundaries of the Township of Seguin.

This By-law shall apply to all the land in the geographic limits of the Township of Seguin.

Intent is to protect the public and the bears by prohibiting the intentional human artificial feeding of bears which causes an escalation in a threat to public health, safety and well being of the residents and visitors of the Township of Seguin and interferes with nature by habituating bears in an unatural way.