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Don Hood
Fire Chief

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T: (705) 732-4300 ext 234

Patrick Shoebottom
Fire Prevention Officer

Seguin Township
5 Humphrey Dr., Seguin, ON
Canada P2A 2W8
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E-Mail Patrick Shoebottom

T. 705-732-4300 x 252
Toll Free: 1-877-473-4846
F. 705-732-4736
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Burning Regulations

Fire season extends from April 1st - October 31st. During this time, Open Burning (open burning is any outdoor fire not contained in an incinerator that has been approved by the Fire Chief) is prohibited unless you meet the following guidelines:

Open Burning - Daytime                

  • Requires a Permit
  • Heavy Equipment or industrial pump on site65-img1.jpg
  • Fire tended by a responsible person
  • Fire hazard rating is LOW or MODERATE

Open Burning - Evening

  • No Permit required if;
  • Fire hazard rating is LOW or MODERATE
  • Fire tended by a responsible person
  • Adequate tools or water to contain fire, if necessary
  • Fire is ignited 2 hours before sunset or later
  • Fire is extinguished 2 hours after sunrise or earlier
  • The pile is less than 2 meters by 2 meters
  • Fire is at least 2 meters away from flammable materials


Important Information

During HIGH Fire Hazard Rating, NO Open Burning is allowed, including incinerators. Small camp fires are allowed for cooking and warmth only. Flame height can be no larger than 3 feet.

During EXTREME Fire Hazard Rating, NO Burning is allowed.

For Permit information please contact: Seguin Fire Services.