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Don Hood
Fire Chief

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T: (705) 732-4300 ext 234

Patrick Shoebottom
Fire Prevention Officer

Seguin Township
5 Humphrey Dr., Seguin, ON
Canada P2A 2W8
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E-Mail Patrick Shoebottom

T. 705-732-4300 x 252
Toll Free: 1-877-473-4846
F. 705-732-4736
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Off Road Vehicles By-law

ATV Image


By-law No. 2015-076, Being a By-law to permit and regulate the operation of "Off- Road Vehicles' (ORV's) on highways under the jurisdiction of The Corporation of the Township of Seguin. Council enacted By-law No. 2015-076 on September 21st, 2015, which permits the operation of Off Road Vehicles as defined in the By-law to operate on all Township roads (highways) as defined in the By-law. This By-law also repealed the previous By-laws regulating ATV's and Off Road Vehicles enacted by Township of Seguin Council.