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Seguin Facts

 Seguin Township Facts 
 Area 700 sq. kms
 Permanent Population 4,276 people
 Seasonal Population 15,000 people
 No. of Lakes 186
 No. of Households 4,699
 No. of Commercial Properties 109
 No. of Industrial Properties 71
 Municipal Maintained Roads 290 kms
 Private Maintained Roads 174 kms
 Bridges/Structures 24
 No. Tonnes of Waste in 2013 2,557
 No. of Tonnes of Recycling in 2013 576
 Emergency Calls in 2011 270
 Assessment $2.7 billion
Township Facilities
 Municipal Office1
 Township Libraries4
 Township Fire Stations4
 Fire/Ambulance Base1
 Indoor Facilities11
 Parks & Beaches15
 Boat Launches19
 Nursing Station
 Landfill Site1
 Waste/Recycling Transfer Stations7

Other Private / Public Facilities

 Post Office
 Golf Courses
 Provincial Parks

Private 2

Public 1 

 Private Fairground