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Film and Television

Seguin Township recognizes the direct and indirect economic and cultural benefits to the community associated with the film and television industry. We are committed to supporting and encouraging filming opportunities within Seguin Township while ensuring the rights, safety, privacy, and property of residents and businesses are protected.

All film and television production activity in Seguin Township must be reported to and coordinated through the Community Services Department. This includes all requests for permits and subsequent redirection to the proper municipal departments.

Seguin Township is a diverse and thriving community that consists of, not only picturesque cottage country landscapes, but villages that vary in size and character that are home to community centres, parks, trails and beaches.

Knowledgeable staff are available to assist you in the search for specific locations needed for filming. Seguin's unique attributes and helpful resources make Seguin film friendly and open for business!

Seguin Municipal Film and Television Promotion Policy